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🚽 Stomach Pain, Ulcers, Bloating, Gas guaranteed solution

Welcome, Viewers. 🚽 Stomach Pain, Ulcers, Bloating, Gas Guaranteed Solution

Watch the video and read article that will help you understand this.

Today we will be discussing a health problem which ails all age groups, from the young generation to the old ones. Everyone suffers from this problem in varying degrees.

Stomach problems signal that your digestion—the process of digesting food is not optimal. This is one ailment that affects a newborn to a 90 year old person.

Using a slide show as our medium, we shall explain how a person contracts illnesses despite being fit and healthy. Our stomach is akin to an engine where the mouth, throat, food pipe, the stomach, then the small and large intestine, rectum and anus all combined are the part of an organ system responsible for the digestive process.

Even if one organ is affected, it can become a harbinger of many diseases. Ayurveda says that ‘’ Sarvesham Ev Roganam,  Nidanam Kupitah Malah ’’

Every toxin/waste in your system is responsible for diseases in your body. We will discuss this issue via a slide show and attempt to educate you regarding this topic so that you may understand daily stomach problems and cure them in a proper manner.

The slide show will show you the processes taking place inside the human body and the crux of all digestive problems.
‘Gastritis vs Constipation’


Everyone knows that gas, acidity, acid reflux, bloating, growling noises from the stomach is a different phenomenon from constipation. Constipation is the inability to excrete fecal matter in an effortless manner.

Why it happens? How it happens? What are its effects?

The reasons that cause this and what are its effects on the human body and health?

’ Shuddho deha…manah ch yasya s jeevtee varsh shatam.’’

Ayurvedic scriptures say that if you are cleansed from within then  you may lead a disease free life.

We are leading this ‘cleanse movement’ since many years. 3 bottles for ‘Bowel Cleanse’. 
What is Bowel? Bowel is from mouth to rectum and cleanse means its cleansing. The size of the bowel depends on a persons height. A five foot person has twenty seven feet long bowel. The bowel is five times the size of a human being’s height.

Anatomy of the bowel – anatomy means body composition. The mouth cavity which leads to the food pipe and then the stomach. The stomach has the capacity to hold one to one and a half liters of food content. The food pipe coiling below the stomach is called deudynm from where the small intestine begins. The appendix is located right between where the small intestine ends and the large intestine begins. Appendix has a very important function and on the advice of doctors, people who get it removed end up forever facing stomach ailments.

In the colored diagram you can see the part in green is part of the large intestine and the part in blue is the rectum.

The large intestine has an ascending, transverse, descending and the sigmoid colon followed by the rectum. So let’s understand this 27 foot bowel and then cure it. The small intestine is comparatively smaller than the large intestine in size as the large intestine is larger and wider. Here you can see the ascending, transverse and descending colon and the sigmoid colon. When people get swelling and resultant wounds inside the colon, it is known as ulcerative colon. This causes blood laden faeces, loose motions, smelly faeces and an increase in the bad bacteria in the colon, which in turn causes more ulcers in the colon as seen in endoscopy results.

When people are affected by gas, acidity, bloating, and other stomach problems, unable to sleep at night and restlessness. Myriad problems are created in the body due to the acidic pH spectrum. There are 2 acidic pH spectrum—Acidic and Alkaline. PH value is known as potential of hydrogen in the body. Acidic pH spectrum causes diseases in the body.

An acidic pH spectrum below 7 is dangerous and as the value progressively lowers it can can cause grave diseases such as ulcers and cancers. 

PH value between 7 to 8 e.g. (7.4/ 7.6) is optimal and safeguards you against diseases. Stomach burning sensation from throat to stomach or bloating, infection in the large intestine causes severe pain. In the large intestine the appearance of small grape like polyps can be seen and this is often caused by unhealthy, bad eating habits and bacterial, viral and fungal infections as well.

 Stomach Pain, Ulcers, Bloating, Gas guaranteed solution

Different categories of constipation. The  impact of forceful defecation is easily visible on the face which is obvious in the pictures displayed in the slide. The problems in digestive system in the lower part of the organ system can cause piles, polyps, fissures, fistula and in the upper region can cause tonsils, burning sensation in throat, adenoids, mouth ulcers, whitish coating on tongue. A healthy and disease free stomach ensures optimal health. With my experience of 35 years I ensure that until and unless you do not work on cleansing this 25 to 30 foot bowel starting from mouth and ending at rectum you cannot not get the happiness of good health.

Cleanse your bowel. Boost your health and lead a vibrant, natural and healthy life.

The path starting from your mouth to rectum is your bowel.

This diagram shows a clean and  healthy bowel as it has no marks, polyps or any sort of boils. Now what does a healthy and clean colon do?

It bulks up your stool. The loops that you see in the diagram indicates that bodily waste should never get obstructed within the intestine.

If you watch carefully this video will educate you and transform your life.

This diagram shows healthy and clean intestines. The loops that you see in the diagram has a specific purpose as these loops exist to extract every drop of nutrition, juices and energy out of every bite of food that you ingest. Our bowel cleanse treatment rids you of all bowel and stomach related problems. The treatment cures all digestion related problems like gas, constipation, and effortless excretion along with efficient digestion. 100 percent natural treatment.

Now you may wonder how do various toxins, virus and germs enter our body? There are many reasons for this such as bacteria or virus infected food or pesticide laden food and adulterated food or unhygienic food. Bacteria and virus eggs are non visible to the naked eye and can easily enter your body through such food. Also, pollution from the air enters your body in the form of toxin. Rhinitis which causes runny nose, eyes, sneezing and throat and nasal itching is one such disease which is caused by toxic matter. Bowel cleanse precisely works as a cleanser to remove all toxic matters from within your system.

Let us find out if you need bowel cleanse and why you should definitely do it.

Is your colon at risk?


Do you pass less than 2 stools in a day? 

A meal gets digested in 7 to 8 hours  and the remaining food waste should get excreted twice a day- morning and at night. If people pass only one stool they are at risk of obstruction of bowel which causes constipation. Some people are in a habit of whiling away their time by sitting on the toilet and passing their time with a book or a mobile while they struggle to pass a stool. This is not a healthy practice and can further cause piles.

Do you need to strain to pass your stool?

When you strain during excretion the veins of the rectum gets swollen and veins get ruptured and this causes bleeding  piles.

Diseases and infection of the large intestine wherein the intestine has more parasites, virus and toxins causes Piles

Do you have a fat belly or ‘’pouch’’?

If you belly looks like an inflated ballon and is protruding this means that your small intestine has accumulated toxins and  is growing bigger in size and it protrudes around the navel region. The stomach acquires a rounded appearance. The large intestine goes back and it causes the appearance of tyres around the sides of the tummy. Obese people are afflicted with this condition.

If one has indigestion and constipation then that indicates the beginning of the increase of small intestine in size which results in viral, bacterial and fungal infections that further gives rise to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failure, kidney failure, liver failure and other such diseases in the body.

Are you motions small and hard?

If you have to strain or exert pressure whilst passing stools it may at times cause a rupture in the anus and result in bleeding which is known as a fissure. When you exert pressure during excretion this causes the veins of the anus to get torn or ruptured. This causes a burning sensation along with bleeding and pain. I have explained the difference between hemorrhoids and fissures to you and I believe know you may understand that this is not a problem of the anus but actually a problem of the stomach i.e. indigestion.

To fight this condition people resort to remedies such as applying topical hemorrhoids creams and even get hemorrhoids surgically removed but this never makes the condition go away permanently. Ultimately the only solution to this is cleansing your colon and digestive system thoroughly and only then the infection and swelling will subside. This will help in curing piles and fissures.

Do you often feel sluggish and bloated after eating?

At times after a meal or even on empty stomach the navel feels hard as a stone and takes on the appearance like that of  a football or volleyball. If you press the navel region it feels hard to the touch upon pressing. This is because the intestines get hard from inside and loses its softness and elasticity. The food does not get digested properly and even if you eat healthy you still feel sluggish, weak and tired. You feel drowsy and the body feels heavy.  It is a common misconception to think that this is psychological disorder but it has its origins in the digestive  system— low digestion power.  You feel drowsy and sluggish because the body is unable to get the right amount of energy required from food.

Do you oscillate between two extremes — you are either constipated for some days and on other days you suffer from diarrhea??

If your answer is yes, then you are in immediate need of a bowel cleanse.

Do you rely on laxatives to stay ‘’regular’’? 
Nowadays many laxatives such as isab- gol, churana etc are easily available in the market and are often needed to be consumed on a regular basis to cleanse the system but the downside to this is that they are habit forming and in order for these laxatives to work you need to consume them regularly as well as increase the doses in order for it to stay effective. Sadly, these laxative stop bearing results after prolonged usage and ultimately, it is unable to cleanse your bowel from the inside. Bowel cleanse on the other hand is 100 percent natural treatment and  non habit forming and does not need to be consumed in large doses.

If you answered yes to two or more questions mentioned above then you are badly in need of bowel cleanse.

12 signs of a TOXIC COLON. Do you suffer from any of these nagging symptoms?

Plz try to understand these slides as you watch on youtube as this will transform your life for the better. These are not theories but are facts  based on medical knowledge and research and everyone should benefit from this knowledge.

You will experience heavenly happiness at being cured and may even live to the age of 100.
12 signs of a TOXIC COLON. If you are experiencing problems with your colon then you strictly need bowel cleanse. 

1. Do you have abdominal discomfort? Abdomen is the area lying in between your chest and thighs. If you experience discomforts such as gas pain, flatulance, burping, bloating or hardness  in the abdomen then this situation calls for a bowel cleanse.

2. Bad breath— bad breath, body odour, smelly feet and  smelly sweat all mean that a lot of waste and toxins have already accumulated in your stomach, small and large intestines and that in turn causes smelly breath and bad body odour.

Because of this people might avoid sitting next you and even avoid talking to you. So a bowel cleanse is definitely needed.

3. Bloating- unable to pass gas or burp, hardness of stomach and inability to breath deeply. This also signifies a need for bowel cleanse.

4. Dull skin and hair tone— skin appears blemished, dull and  pigmented and hair loss along with lack- lustre hair should not be mistaken for skin or hair disease. It is another effect of a faulty digestive system which is unable to filter or flush impurities from the body and these impurities and toxin enter our bloodstream and leaves its mark in form of such skin and hair problems.

The body has millions of sweat  pores and through these pores the impurities

of the blood through sweat comes to the skin’s surface and causes skin and hair problems.

This creates a havoc on hair as well. The hair loses it color, shine and volume and also fungal infection of the scalp, alopecia and pattern baldness etc. It can be resolved once the digestion is proper. This again shows a need for bowel cleanse which will result in voluminous, glowing healthy skin and lustrous healthy hair.


5. Flatulance— I have already spoken about this. This condition also can be treated with bowel cleanse.

6. Irritable bowel syndrome— irritability of the bowel (from the Mouth to Anus) . Ulcers of mouth, upset stomach,burning sensation in throat, stomach ulcersetc. When doctors do not completely understand and are unable to cure your stomach disease they just term it IBS- Irritable bowel syndrome and they deem it as incurable. Often patients think they cannot be cured of this disease but this is a myth. 

IBS and ulcerative colitis can be cured and we guarantee this! Through the medium if internal cleansing and purification we can cure IBS and IBD completely. This is a genuine claim as we have the expertise and experience of having cured thousand of patients successfully.

7. Indigestion-  Inability of the body to absorb nutrition. The body flushes out nutrition through excretion and it instead stores toxins inside the body, often accompanied by inability to gain weight. Lack of energy and strength.

8. Protruding belly and unexplained fatigue are again caused by diseases of the stomach. Unable to work for long hours and an overpowering sense of fatigue. The simple task of  climbing a flight of stairs or walking 10 steps feel like a chore.

Gradual reduction of a person’s ability to carry out day to day tasks.

9. Unexpected weight gain despite eating low calorie or little to limited food along with regular exercise. This is also caused by the waste or toxins lodged deep inside your stomach.

Bad bowel means tiredness. Often kids feel tired and groggy while studying and feel sleepy or adults feel sleepy while at work. Losing interest in tasks that a person once enjoyed doing like playing games, watching TV because no energy is felt within. No amount of sleep makes them feel energised or refreshed.


10. Sexual weakness— people as young as 25 years are also afflicted by this disease. There are medicines that claim to increase sex stamina, help erectile dysfunction and low libido. The selling of these medicines is a multi billion dollar business. The root of this problem lies in your stomach.

We are aware that  sex requires a lot of energy. People with weak digestion often are weak sexually. Many marriages are destroyed because of this problem. No matter how healthy you eat to regain sexual power it does not take effect as the nutrition gets flushed out of the body through urination and faeces.

Sexual power can be increased only when the digestion is strong and absorbs all nutrition from food. Week digestion can also lead to impotence, low sperm count and motility in men. In women can result in low production of eggs and the inability to conceive and  bear children – Infertility. 

Stomach Pain, Ulcers, Bloating, Gas guaranteed solution

Difference in healthy and unhealthy colon.  The difference is marked in the picture. Healthy colon is spotlessly clean, normal in shape and size and also has no buildup of waste or toxins. whereas an unhealthy colon will have irregularities in shape size and will have marks and obstructions. Waste does not slide easily inside the colon resulting in constipation for 4 to 8 days. Either such people fit in two extremes—they are either very obese or very slim. Often people who have this condition have very tight, dry and small stool and at times have to pull out the stool out of anus with fingers. Even this painful condition can be cured with  Bowel cleanse which is the foundation of good health.

Boost your health.  

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How colon becomes unhealthy? 

Stool can be tested to see if a person has ascaris, giardia, parasites, ringworms, pinworms and worm infestation.

Symptoms of having this condition can be characterised by insatiable appetite, ill health, anaemia and low weight despite eating healthy and itching at the site of passing stool. In kids it can be characterised by bed wetting, inability to concentrate while sitting, worms in stool or vomit, teeth grinding, itching at the site of passing stool and salivation while sleeping.

Parents should always supervise their children’s hygiene, health and toilet habits. Even de-worming medicines have a temporary effect as this problem recurs after a month or two. Homeopathy and herbal medicines have such a huge impact and potency that if taken it can rid a person of this problem for entire life by cleansing the digestive system from within.

Some more kinds of worms, parasites and viruses like hepatitis A,B, and C, all reside in the small and large intestine.

If the toxins and waste continue to exist inside the body and are not flushed out these problems will continue to grow and persist.

Again I shall urge you to start Bowel cleanse as all diseases have their origins within the stomach.

If bowel is cleansed, then diseases like flatulance, indigestion, acidity, cut and lesions on tongue, mouth ulcers, tonsils, will cease to exist. No matter what the health issue Bowel cleanse is equipped to solve and drive away all your health woes. You can rely on it completely. 

Warm feet, soft stomach, and cool head is the sign of good health.
“If your feet are cold, head is hot, stomach is hard, something is seriously wrong. You ca do a self examination— Lie down  on bed, stomach facing towards the ceiling and take 3 fingers and press down on your stomach. The finger should go deep into the stomach by 3 inches. Soft stomach, warm feet and cool headedness is the sign of good health. A 6 months old child age has a very soft and malleable stomach. Ramdev baba also teaches Neyoli Kriya. If you can do this kriya your stomach and bowels are healthy. But if a person’s bowels are obstructed with gas, waste and toxins then a person will not be able to do such kriya.
People who have rounded, protruding stomachs have bowel which is filled with lots of waste and toxins. If you are experiencing bowel and stomach problems then, Wake up, there is still time and a chance to have a healthy bowel and soft stomach. I have given you an easy solution to all your bowel problems. All diseases in your body do no need medicines to be treated permanently but they require that you deep cleanse yourself from within.
I have already told you ‘’DIWALI MANAO’’.
I request and urge you to watch this video many times. This video will change you life if you listen to every piece of advice then you can self diagnose and heal yourself. So far you have been consuming medicines made by someone else for you and you did not understand the effect of them on your body but now after having watched this video and listening to me, you may self diagnose and opt for the Bowel Cleanse, if you face any of these problems. If you wish you are most welcome to consult and get diagnosed at our clinic.
It is my duty as a Doctor to educate and enlighten you about bowel cleanse. If any person is unable to rid their digestive problems by home remedies or any other form of medicine, then the ‘Bowel Cleanse’ is the right remedial treatment for you.
If you wish to opt for this cleanse it is important to note that there are same doses for diff age groups, from young to the old. But, an exception to this is that, there a different doses administered to a child younger than 10 years.
Anyone can take this ‘Bowel Cleanse’ for Stomach Pain
which is safe, effective and has no side effects. I will not force you to go for this, but I will only gently encourage you to opt for it if you need it because it is very effective. You may need it 5 or 10 years down the line so it is better to go for it now and nip any existing problems in the bud.
 I have told you some symptoms in the beginning which should not be ignored as it may create bigger health issues in the long run if left untreated. You have watched the entire video, I am sure that you must have thoroughly enjoyed it.
Personally it is my humble request that if you wish to, you may share this video on your mobile with your family, friends and acquaintances as not everyone is lucky enough to get access to such knowledge, advise and information so easily.
This act of kindness on your part could change and save someone’s life and God shall bestow many blessings upon you. It is said to serve humanity, is akin to serving GOD. Do share this good fortune by sharing this precious knowledge.
 The relief that an ailing person may receive by getting cured and healed
will definitely reach you in the form of blessings. 🙂
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