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GB Stone Success - Stomach Pain

11,816 Gallstones from a Patient with Stomach Pain

A businessman of building material from Bakalpur (Mathura) had stomach pain,

and got admitted in Sawai Man Singh hospital.

Thereafter surgeons found 11,816 stones in his gallbladder during an operation. It took around three day for counting as well as re-counting of the gallstones. Even family members of patient helped surgeon in counting the stones from his gallbladder.

Its not first time we have already have seen instances across the world – some of which are mentioned on our website also – Multiple Gall Bladder Stones – SSOHM Stones

We also had a patient named as Kavita, who had to undergo surgery in family pressure and had expelled hundreds of stones during operations.
Gall Stones Surgery Date : 22nd December, 2016
Patient id at SSOHM : DP – 1132
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Anyways this was a first case of surgeon finding this kind of gallstones count in SMS Hospital, Jaipur. Surgeons say even CT Scan failed to find out that there were this much of stones in patient’s gallbladder. In CT Scan it was found that there are stones, but it failed to recorginze the number of stones in patients gallbladder.

Even Doctor Kankaria says – ” On the basis of CT scan report, we suspected that the patient was suffering from Acalculous cholecystitis, which is an inflammatory disease of the gallbladder without evidence of gallstones. But, when we conducted the surgery, we found that the gallbladder was full of stones.”

According to the doctors, the case was not only complicated but was also risky. Vinod Sharma’s gallbladder was two times bigger (Distended Gallbladder) than a usual one and was completely filled with gallstones without any bile in it. “Luckily, there were no stones found in common bile duct (CBD). There were more than 11,800 stone in his gallbladder but not a single stone was found in CBD, which could cause jaundice in the patient,” Dr Kankaria said.

Patient Vinod Sharma said, “I was suffering from pain in abdomen for the past two year. I consulted many other hospitals, but did not find any relief.”

Dr R K Aggarwal at SSOHM made medicines which are combination of H2OHomeo Herbal Orientation medicines

& have successfully helped thousands of patients getting cured with our medicines and they have expelled stones using our medicines.

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