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A way to get Confidence in Life – Cure Acne

Acne is a common skin disease that causes pimples. Cure Acne with the help of our Homeo and Herbal Extracts. Pimples form when hair follicles under your skin clog up.

Most pimples form on the face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders. Anyone can get acne, but it is common in teenagers and young adults.

What causes Acne?

Sebaceous glands are presents in various parts of our body, which lubricates our skin with sweat glands.
When this glands stop to do its work then small pimples will appear. These pimples usually appear in young boys and girls.

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Factors Influence growth of Acne

  • Hormonal changes related to puberty, menstrual periods, pregnancy, birth control pills, or stress,
  • Friction caused by leaning on or rubbing the skin, pressure from backpacks, or tight collars,
  • Environmental irritants such as pollution and high humidity,
  • Squeezing or picking at blemishes, hard scrubbing of the skin,
  • Greasy or oily cosmetic and hair products
  • Certain drugs (such as steroids, testosterone, estrogen, and phenytoin)
Cure Acne – Treatment at SSOHM

At SSOHM we provide treatment for this disease which is combination of herbal and homeopathy. Skin diseases are mainly caused by toxins accumulated in liver and bacterial infection on skin which may spread all over body if not removed from root. Skin Cleanse at SSOHM removes all bacterial infection from skin.

Also we provide information, guidance and counselling, after treatment, that the Acne does not reappear.

No side effects/ No bad effects

The treatment is 100% safe with no side effect


SSOHM is a health center established in 1990 by Dr. R.K Aggarwal for relieving all the sufferers in the world from there disease naturally. From last 23 years SSOHM is successfully providing homoeopathy treatment for all kind of diseases.. SSOHM periodically arrange free health campaigns for sufferers all over the India. Now we are also providing Free Online Consultation by a team of specialized doctors representing SSOHM in the web world.

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