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Amazing Benefits of Watermelon for Skin and Weight Loss

This might not be surprising, but it’s still a fun fact; Watermelon is more than 91 percent water.

Anyone looking to lose weight could be helped by upping their water intake. Studies have found that when participants drink water before a meal, they lose weight faster than those who did not drink water . Extra H2O helps us eat less by making us feel full, and it may also boost metabolism.


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Despite popular belief that watermelon is made up of only water and sugar, Watermelon is actually considered a nutrient dense food, a food that provides a high amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for a low amount of calories.


This means that eating watermelon with you on a hot summer day is a tasty way to help you stay hydrated and avoid dehydration (However, it’s not a substitute for drinking plenty of fresh water).

Watermelon is by far, one of the most powerful, body-healing fruits out there! The amazing health benefits of watermelon cover everything from your brain all the way to the cells in your feet.

Healthy diet not just important but is a necessity


Watermelon is incredibly hydrating (up to 92% water!) and is naturally low-fat. Make this melon a part of your daily diet and you will reap amazing benefits that range from improving cardiovascular health to nourishing your eyes and revving up your immune system!

The citrulline in watermelon has been shown to reduce the accumulation of fat in our fat cells.
Citrulline is an amino acid which converts into arginine with help from the kidneys. When our bodies absorb citrulline it can take the step of converting into arginine if so required.

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