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Fissure Treatment

Get treatment for chronic constipation or ongoing diarrhea. Sitz baths, or hip baths, can promote healing of an anal fissure. By soaking the rectal area in a tub of warm water — two or three times a day for 10 to 15 minutes — you can clean the anus, improve blood flow, and relax the anal sphincter.

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Welcome, Viewers. 🚽 Stomach Pain, Ulcers, Bloating, Gas Guaranteed Solution Watch the video and read article that will help you understand this. Today we will be discussing a health problem which ails all age groups, from the young generation to the old ones. Everyone suffers from this problem in varying degrees. …

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Learn about Piles, Fistula and Fissure natural treatment

Visit this link for more detailed information – http://www.ssohm.com/diseases/Hernia.php   Two big diseases Hernia and Piles; also learn how they are caused because of bad Lever.   Here Dr. R K Aggarwal tells us that the hernia, piles, fistula and fissure disease stages are caused because of problem in our …

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