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Celebrate earth day with Ayurveda (H20)

The first Earth Day – April 22, 1970 – marked the beginning of the modern environmental movement.

On this day events worldwide are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It was first celebrated in 1970, and is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network, and celebrated in more than 193 countries each year.

It’s hard to imagine it now,

but the first Earth Day was a revelation to many, a way not only of raising consciousness about environmental issues but also of bringing together separate groups that had been fighting separately against issues including oil spills, pollution from factories and power plants, raw sewage, toxic dumps, pesticides, the loss of wilderness, air pollution and more.
Do Your Part to Make a Difference – Yes! surely it does make a difference and in many ways one can participate.

Encouraging your family to recycle on a regular basis is a good way to help the Earth!
>> Switching to energy-efficient light bulbs in your house helps to reduce the effects of global warming.
>> Every glass bottle you recycle saves enough energy to run a TV for an hour and a half, while recycling an aluminum can saves enough energy to run your TV for three hours!

>> Turn out the lights when you leave a room – unless someone’s still in there!
>> Use re-useable containers for you school lunches and snacks.



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