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Energy Healing Therapy – Do it Yourself ~ Dr R K Aggarwal

Through out this Article and various video we will let you know what Energy Balancing Healing is and let you know how it works.

Healing Touch is an “energy therapy” that uses gentle hand techniques thought to help re-pattern the patient’s energy field and accelerate healing of the body, mind, and spirit.

The goal of Healing Touch is to purposefully use the energetic interaction between the Healing Touch practitioner and the patient to restore harmony to the patient’s energy system.

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Dr. R K Aggarwal says nothing can work when there is no power in that thing for example when there is no petrol in the car it will not start or work that’s how when there is no power in our body systems it will stop working properly.

We want to let people understand that when there is imbalance in our body power that starts the problem of mental diseases and many other problems. Tapping system should be followed and it will surely solve your problems.

Dr. R K Aggarwal suggests we will try to elaborate and try to create high level energy in this episode and that can help many people in solving their problem and can experience Energy Healing.

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Energy healing does not need us to be here in front but actually by watching this could also help but if you having problem doing can contact us and we will help to know more and provide teaching to do it.

Healing Touch practitioners believe that this process balances and realigns energy flow that has been disrupted by stress, pain, or illness. The process eliminates blockages in the energy field so that the patient is in an optimal state for healing to occur.

Watch the video for further information on gas and acidity problems, menstruation problems in women.

It will also be discussed how viruses, parasites and tocsins are the reason behind all various diseases even big diseases like cancer, tumor all are caused because of these watch this video to know more about it.

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SSOHM is a health center established in 1990 by Dr. R.K Aggarwal for relieving all the sufferers in the world from there disease naturally. From last 23 years SSOHM is successfully providing homoeopathy treatment for all kind of diseases.. SSOHM periodically arrange free health campaigns for sufferers all over the India. Now we are also providing Free Online Consultation by a team of specialized doctors representing SSOHM in the web world.

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