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Foods that help us concentrate and boost your brain power

Whether you’re cramming for exams or working hard mentally on a grueling report, the type and timing of your food can help you boost your brain power, improve concentration and achieve top results.

Good nutrition in the lead up to exams will boost mental alertness and help you deal better with long hours of study and pre-test stress. Now’s not the time to pig out on chocolate or snack on biscuits while you work.

Stop for small snacks to keep up fuel to the brain. Easy nutritious snacks to grab include a handful of nuts or nuts mixed with dried fruit, a bowl of oats with milk or a banana. Eat food rich in iron and zinc for improved memory and concentration.

Sugar is your brain’s preferred fuel source —

not table sugar, but glucose, which your body processes from the sugars and carbs you eat. That’s why a glass of OJ or another fruit juice can offer a short-term boost to memory, thinking, and mental ability.

Tempted to skip breakfast? Studies have found that eating breakfast may improve short-term memory and attention.

Students who eat it tend to perform better than those who don’t.

Dark chocolate also has other powerful antioxidant properties, and it contains natural stimulants like caffeine, which can enhance focus. Foods at the top of researchers’ brain-fuel list include high-fiber whole grains, dairy, and fruits.

Whole grains, like popcorn and whole wheat, also contribute dietary fiber and vitamin E. Though avocados have fat, it’s the good-for-you, monounsaturated fat that helps with healthy blood flow.

Want to power up your ability to concentrate?

Start with a meal of 100% fruit juice, a whole-grain bagel with salmon, and a cup of coffee. In addition to eating a well-balanced meal, Dr R K Aggarwal also offer this advice:

  • Get a good night’s sleep.
  • Enjoy your meal.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Exercise to help sharpen thinking.
  • Meditate to clear thinking and relax.


Boost Your Brain Power


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