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Gall Stones Symptoms, Causes & Treatment by Dr Rajesh Kumar Aggarwal

Our Gallbladder is one of the most sensitive but also very useful organ and gets diseased due to an unhealthy diet and Lifestyle as it leads to an imbalance of the acid-alkali balance in the body which causes the cholesterol to precipitate in the gallbladder leading to gallstones.

The two types of gallstones include cholesterol gallstones (composed of undissolved cholesterol and a part of bile salt) and pigment gallstones (formed completely of bile).

Gallstones Diet plays a major role in gallbladder pain relief and avoids gallbladder attack symptoms because diet influences your weight and thus leads to more bile creation in the liver.

The most common triggers for gallbladder attacks are caffeine, chocolate, eggs, dairy products, and greasy or deep-fried foods and causes indigestion.

People who are overweight and eat high-fat cholesterol, low-fiber diet are at an increased risk of developing gallstones symptoms. Usually when liver excretes too much cholesterol than the bile can dissolve; the excess cholesterol may form crystals that eventually form stones leading to gallstones pain.

Dr. R.K. Aggarwal says, “We are unaware of the fact and believe in the myth created that gallbladder is of no use, but when you remove the gallbladder,

you remove the reservoir and think that it’s the best regime for Gallstones Treatment”.

After the gallbladder is removed the bile keeps reaching directly to the intestine causing symptoms like acidity, constipation, and leaking of the bile.

At SSOHM, there are many Success Stories where patients explain,

How after just a few days of medication they experienced Gallbladder Attack Relief and have experienced a better Lifestyle.


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