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Gallbladder Polyp Treatment, Gallbladder Polyp causes and symptoms

Gallbladder Polyp is very common condition,

and these are not harmful to be worried about. Gallbladder polyps sometime can be cancerous, this is why we should get it cured.

Gallbladder polyps are as said harmless and are composition of cholesterol buildup, and are not cancer cells. Gallbladder polyps could actually be small tumors, which may end up being cancerous once they being their growth.

These growths sometimes try to poke out of gallbladder wall and that can be really harmful.

Gallbladder polyps may not cause any symptoms at all.

But they may cause biliary colic (abdominal pain coming from the gallbladder). This type of pain is often caused by gallstones, but if they are not found, gallbladder polyps may be to blame.

Watch this video to get more details about not just gallbladder polyp treatment,

Gallbladder Polyp Symptoms, Gallbladder Polyp Causes, Dr R K Aggarwal will discuss about Gallstones problem as well.


Dr. R K Aggarwal says patients ask many questions which are not need to be asked but still they want us to make more efforts, we are doing this and will do in future also for the sake of humanity and for the benefit of a family; which has a patient of Gall Bladder Stones.

Watch this video here Dr R K Aggarwal has answered all the questions regards to Gall Bladder Stones Problem.


Now here is the link to the playlist on our Youtube Channel – Natural Health Care

Watch – Gall Stones Removal Success Stories


To get cured yourself or Any family member one can contact us via mail at report@ssohm.com or send your reports on our Whatsapp number : 92 66 522 522.

Gallstones removal naturally with herbal and homeo medicines

Once we get the reports we will get back to patient regarding treatment process.


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  1. Dharmender Kumar Verma

    Sir I have 4 small sessil polyps in gall bladder. Two years ago they were three size was 3mm, 4.8mm and 5mm. But it increased in to 1.7mm, 5.8mm, 5.9mm and 4mm. What should I do. Now I don’t want to operate these. Pl. Help….

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