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‘ Gastritis vs Constipation ’ – Know the difference

‘ Gastritis vs Constipation ’

Everyone knows that gas, acidity, acid reflux, bloating, growling noises from the stomach is a different phenomenon from constipation. Constipation is the inability to excrete fecal matter in an effortless manner.

Why it happens? How it happens? What are its effects?

The reasons that cause this and what are its effects on the human body and health?

‘’ Shuddho deha…manah ch yasya s jeevtee varsh shatam.’’

Ayurvedic scriptures say that if you are cleansed from within then  you may lead a disease free life.

We are leading this ‘cleanse movement’ since many years. 3 bottles for ‘Bowel Cleanse’. 

What is Bowel?
Bowel is from mouth to rectum and cleanse means its cleansing. The size of the bowel also depends on a persons height. A five foot person also has twenty seven feet long bowel. The bowel is five times the size of a human being’s height.

Anatomy of the bowel – anatomy means body composition. The mouth cavity which leads to the food pipe and then the stomach. The stomach has the capacity to hold one to one and a half liters of food content. The food pipe coiling below the stomach is called deudynm from where the small intestine begins.

The appendix is located right between where the small intestine ends and the large intestine begins. Appendix has a very important function and on the advice of doctors, people who get it removed end up forever facing stomach ailments. In the colored diagram you can see the part in green is part of the large intestine and the part in blue is the rectum.

The large intestine has an ascending, transverse, descending and the sigmoid colon followed by the rectum. So let’s understand this 27 foot bowel and then cure it.

The small intestine is comparatively smaller than the large intestine in size as the large intestine is larger and wider. Here you can see the ascending, transverse and descending colon as well as the sigmoid colon.

When people get swelling as well as resultant wounds inside the colon, it is also known as ulcerative colon.

This also causes blood laden faeces, loose motions, smelly faeces as well as an increase in the bad bacteria in the colon,

Which in turn also causes more ulcers in the colon as also seen in endoscopy results.

Gastritis vs Constipation
 The relief that an ailing person may receive by getting cured as well as healed
will definitely reach you in the form of blessings. 

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