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Get Rid of various Chronic Diseases Naturally, New Year 2020 Resolution

We are in new year now and second week has started but its not late to have a Year 2020 Resolutions, We at SSOHM are taking a New Year Resolution –

To help every Patient avoiding Operations and get rid of Chronic Diseases Naturally.

Also save your Gallbladder with Gall Stones Natural Treatment at SSOHM Clinic by Dr R K Aggarwal in Pitampura, Delhi.

Lifestyle includes day to day behaviours as well as functions of individuals in job, fun, activities and diet.

As it turns out healthy habits make a big difference. Millions of people follow an unhealthy lifestyle.

Hence, they encounter illness as well as disability. Problems like metabolic diseases, joint and skeletal problems, hypertension, overweight and so one can be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

Keeping this in mind, in the above video, Dr. R.K. Aggarwal highlights on the following habits and diseases:

  • Risk factors and causes of female/male infertility.
  • Understanding the difference between bad and good cholesterol.
  • Saving your glands from prostate
  • Causes of Fatty Liver Disease
  • Reasons affiliated to gallbladder Infections and Gallbladder Stone Removal
  • Kidney stone removal
  • Liver Cirrhosis
  • Ovarian Cysts
  • General Hair Problems
  • Save Liver Transplant
  • Foods to Avoid in Ulcerative Colitis
  • Uterine Fibroids

Get Rid of various Chronic Diseases Naturally


The above diseases are becoming like one of the trends in the market of diseases and are affecting number of lives and their families too.

The relationship of lifestyle and health should be highly considered. Besides, the lives of citizens face with new challenges.

For instance, emerging new technologies, lead our world to a major challenge that threatens the physical and mental health of individuals. Cleansing is one of the most effective solutions and one of the safest options to help our body from such diseases.

At SSOHM, Dr. Rajesh Kumar Aggarwal has discovered the safest method of Bowel Cleansing and has helped millions and this cleansing method show positive results and there is no harm in considering them as they completely believe in the cure.


SSOHM is a health center established in 1990 by Dr. R.K Aggarwal for relieving all the sufferers in the world from there disease naturally. From last 23 years SSOHM is successfully providing homoeopathy treatment for all kind of diseases.. SSOHM periodically arrange free health campaigns for sufferers all over the India. Now we are also providing Free Online Consultation by a team of specialized doctors representing SSOHM in the web world.

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