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Hair Fall Solutions by Dr R K Aggarwal – SSOHM

Hair fall or Hair Loss can be treated through our Hair Care Pack.

HAIR CARE PACK consists of 3 medicines. These are combinations of Homoeopathic & Herbal extracts.

These have been proved very successful in treating hair complaints.


All age group people may apply it for their hair complaints. It does not have any side effects; in fact it eradicates the cause of hair complaints completely if taken as per recommendation.


Reasons behind Hair Fall problem –

Hair complaints are widely spread problem irrespective of Sex. Male & female both are prone to have complaints of hair falling, breaking and double ended hair, rough & entangled Hair.

Basic Cause of it is lack of nutrition in the roots of hair.


Reasons for Hair Fall in MEN –

The male pattern baldness (MPB) form of androgenetic alopecia (there is also a female pattern baldness) accounts for more than 95% of hair loss in men. Hair loss can stress you out, Male pattern baldness even more.

Stress is one of the contributors of hair loss in Men.

Reasons for Hair Fall in Women –

The male pattern there are many reasons of hair fall in Women, they are mentioned below.

  • Generic
  • Hormonal
  • Diet deficiencies
  • Fungal scalp infection
  • Excessive Styling


No matter how strong and beautiful your hair appear to you, pay careful attention to their hair care regimen to grow keep them at its best.


SSOHM is a health center established in 1990 by Dr. R.K Aggarwal for relieving all the sufferers in the world from there disease naturally. From last 23 years SSOHM is successfully providing homoeopathy treatment for all kind of diseases.. SSOHM periodically arrange free health campaigns for sufferers all over the India. Now we are also providing Free Online Consultation by a team of specialized doctors representing SSOHM in the web world.

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