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Important things we should know about swine flu symptoms, causes and reason behind swine flu in delhi

Every year there are so many instances of people being admitted to hospital with swine flu (otherwise known as the H1N1 virus), We should know Swine Flu Symptoms as well as causes.

Now this is becoming the most common strain of influenza

A circulating not in Delhi or India, its getting the whole of the world.

Well swine flu clears after some days of bed rest or medicines but to avoid the symptoms of it becoming serious we should give right attention to it.

Every year print media or say digital media they just storm that swine flu is deadly and the havoc is such that people get thinking like if the get it “it’s game over!!”.

However, that is not the case.

In some past years H1N1 has become a regular on the virus, and we can also consider this to be pretty much the same as any other flu.

Swine Flu Symptoms, Causes and Reason Behind it

The most serious complication of swine flu is pneumonia, which is an infection of the tiny air sacs in one or both lungs.

Having swine flu puts you at risk of pneumonia from other viruses (like severe acute respiratory syndrome, aka SARS) and bacteria as well.”

Watch video in this Dr R K Aggarwal will share the things which can help us getting rid of swine flu. What are the causes of swine flu, what is the reason behind swine flu and why here in Delhi we get so much impact of swine flu.

All the answers will be provided to you all by Dr R K Aggarwal in this video.

Dr R K Aggarwal also says how with the treatment of SSOHM‘s H2O – Herbal Homeo Orientation medicines this will hep people get rid of swine flu in 24-48 hours only.

The efficiency of Homeopathy & Herbal medicines are so much that it can also helps us getting rid of Swine flu at earliest.


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