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#InternationalGirlsDay – Get Free Homeopathy Medicines for Common Girls Problems by SSOHM Clinic

Girls are strong well behaved but sometimes naughty and get irritate on silly things, which may be due to society stress, internal depression and so many causes to restrict the baby girl.

But as this is International Girl Child Day –

We are here with some interesting free homeopathy medicines for some common problems of girls.

Do not take this medicinal advice,

As illness but you should use for improving and better lifestyle.

Lodum – Girl eats a lot but loss of muscles continues and unable to gain weight. Sometimes irritable, anxious but this thinness can be completely cured by Lodum Remedy.

Sarsaparilla – To enhance beauty, by using this medicine orally and can be used locally to clear the complexion.

Kali Brom – Some girls are little Forgetful, like names of places, person, streets so after using this medicine, you can enhance your memory power, and this works well in black spotted pimples over neck and hands. So, take this medicine as “Beauty with Brain”.

Sepia – Some girls are very emotional; they start crying while talking to someone but very irritable when someone try to calm-down. Good Remedy for chloasma, discoloration, round spots over cheeks.

Echenecer – At puberty age, girls need blood purifier, for enhancement of beauty & to flush out toxins from body. So, take this medicine to kill all causes which promotes pimples and other infections.

#InternationalGirlsDay – Get Free Homeopathy Medicines for Common Girls Problems by SSOHM Clinic

This is not end we have many more Free Homeopathy Medicines Tips for you all – 


Borax – Every girl wants beautiful and healthy hair, but some suffers from “Plica – Polonica” that means hairs tangles and stick together, So Borax is ultimate solution.

Mag Phos – The most issue is painful menses and girls have to suffer at every month but now solution is Mag Phos. Take this medicine to get instant relief in cramps in abdomen and this will promote to start menses flow. It also works for constipation, acidity, feverish conditions before and after menses.

Platina – Every girl wants to be queen and wanted to look beautiful. So, some wants to skip food to maintain slimness, zero figure and this condition is called as “Anorexia Nervosa” but by not taking food in proper amount leads to malnutrition, weakness, anemia and disturbed metabolism due to protein, starch deficiency, brain also affected. So, to avoid all the hazards, you should take this fabulous medicine.

Borax – Last but not the least and once again we are talking about this important remedy. Now a days the most common issue in girls are leucorrhea & UTI, whenever someone suffers from white discharge like eff & very thick but very acrid & hot, in these conditions this medicine will act as miracle. Along with severe UTI, burning offensive hot acrid infection with retention of urine flow.

So these were Free Homeopathy Medicines for Common Girls Problems by SSOHM Clinic,

Which you may have not known before.

You can also contact us at SSOHM if you need any assistance regards to the above Medicines Tips provided, you can call us on this number – 8700731250.

#InternationalGirlsDay - Get Free Homeopathy Medicines for Common Girls Problems by SSOHM Clinic


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