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Maneka Gandhi to be Airlifted to Delhi after being diagnosed with gallstones

Union Cabinet Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi was on Friday admitted in Uttar Pradesh’s Pilibhit district hospital after facing difficulty in breathing.

It was later diagnosed that she din’t had breathing problem but gall bladder stones and for that she will be airlifted to Delhi for further treatment process.

She is the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP from Pilibhit.


Dr Aggarwal explains in this video how gallstones form in gallbladder and how it re develops in gallbladder. How liver is also a reason on formation of gallstones. Various forms of Fatty liver is also explained in this video.

This is gallbladder stones natural treatment and doctor explains how we can use this herbal and homeo medicines to dissolve gallstones naturally. These are home remedies for dissolving gallstones using natural treatment.

Dr. R K Aggarwal says because there are so many myths regarding “Gall Bladder Stones”, people fear for Gall Bladder stones more than for Cancer and everyone wants guarantee,

There is no guarantee in Operations,

Patient relatives sign a BOND Paper and literally say take our patient and do what you want to do, there is NO Guarantee of yours; there are many cases when patient had died on operation table.

There is need to put more efforts to do Good things than for doing Bad for people; that’s why you are making us to do more efforts.

Watch the video –

SSOHM ( Dr  R K Aggarwal’s Verdict – On Meneka Gandhi’s Further treatment.

She can be cured with medicines only and she should not undergo any Operations/Surgery. Our Homeo & Herbal Extracts medicines will help Mrs. Meneka Gandhi to expel her gallstones naturally without any operations.



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