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Reasons why the Digestive System is important – Dr R K Aggarwal

Today we will let you know how Digestive System can help us regain our health and why the digestive System is important for our body.

Digestion is the process by which our food is broken down into a form that can be absorbed into the blood system. Then it is carried to cells throughout the body to provide nourishment and energy.

The process begins in the mouth when we chew and swallow.

Our saliva contains an enzyme that breaks the starch from the food into smaller molecules. All the diseases are happening to us because of the bad bowel movements.

Also know how cleansing our systems/body will cure many of the diseases.

Whenever any problem happen in our body like ulcer, tumor, cancer, piles, fistula, fissure, acidity and constipation; if we try to think for the diseases and causes of it; stomach is the place from where these diseases start.

Digestive System is important

Dr. R K Aggarwal suggests whatever we eat there is a method behind it being cleaned from our body.

The equation is like that:

Whatever we eat = what is digested + motion passage
This should be nil if not in 12 hours/ should be in 24 hours.


If this happens there will never be increase in weight and if it’s increased that only means that waste material is being collected in our body and the loss in weight means the healthy elements of the food are also going out of our body and that only means our digestive system is not working well.
Reasons why the Digestive System is important –
Learn how bowel cleanse and kidney cleanse will help us in this situation.

The waste product of the process includes old cells and undigested bits of food that get pushed into the colon, and eventually expelled through the bowel.

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