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Reasons You May Be at Risk of Liver Diseases | Dr R K Aggarwal

Health is the main priority of a happy life. Today we also are going to discuss about the reasons which reveal that you may be at risk of liver diseases. 

Dr Rajesh Kumar Aggarwal say’s

From diabetes, thyroid to asthma, people have been spreading the rumor that there is no treatment for the diseases and the only solution is to have 20-30 medicines lifelong.

Are we educated individuals or just pretend to be one?

Even after understanding every little thing, we don’t think about our health.

The infection inside our body leads to fibroid and tumors, to remove this, we also tend to move in the direction of surgery.

Our body also has the capability of treating itself and healing itself,

for this Bowel Cleansing is the one thing which increases the productivity of all the parts of the body especially liver and our whole digestive system.

The main cause of Liver diseases are certain viruses, parasites or toxins which reside inside the body and give birth to diseases such as swine flu, etc.

The abnormality of the liver gets out of body by cleansing methods which should be nature-friendly and for adding the substances which speed up the process, components mixed with Ayurveda as well as homeopathy.

At SSOHM, Dr. R. K. Aggarwal has been working on such substances for 31 years.

He says when digestion becomes better and your resistance power increases against diseases, you also tend to stay happy and work efficiently.


SSOHM is a health center established in 1990 by Dr. R.K Aggarwal for relieving all the sufferers in the world from there disease naturally. From last 23 years SSOHM is successfully providing homoeopathy treatment for all kind of diseases.. SSOHM periodically arrange free health campaigns for sufferers all over the India. Now we are also providing Free Online Consultation by a team of specialized doctors representing SSOHM in the web world.

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