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Stomach Pain, Ulcers, Bloating, Gas guaranteed solution in hindi

Visit this link for more information about Bowel Cleanse – http://goo.gl/9hYo4P Today Dr R K Aggarwal will enlighten the topic of Stomach Problems. Dr R K Aggarwal says everyone not just the older generation but even the youth of today are facing Stomach related problems. Even the children’s now a days …

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Learn about Piles, Fistula and Fissure natural treatment

Visit this link for more detailed information – http://www.ssohm.com/diseases/Hernia.php   Two big diseases Hernia and Piles; also learn how they are caused because of bad Lever.   Here Dr. R K Aggarwal tells us that the hernia, piles, fistula and fissure disease stages are caused because of problem in our …

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Bowel Cleanse – Detoxify your body | SSOHM

Bowel Cleanse - Detoxify your body | SSOHM

Bowel cleanse detoxify your body and removes all viruses and toxins from stomach. This not only cleans your body but also cures the stomach diseases like constipation, gastritis, diarrhea etc… Bowel Cleanse helps in detoxifying the Diseases treated are Constipation, Gastric, Indigestion, Stomach Upset and Bad bowel. There are many other …

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