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Tips for Parents – Keep your Children Away from Obesity & Maintain Health

Obesity brings many Health Risks, With this article we are going to share Tips for Parents to keep their children away from obesity and how can they be healthy.

Maintaining health? is a big question, how one can be stay healthy. 

And may parents or other concerned family members ask Doctor Aggarwal,

what are the steps one can use to prevent obesity for their children or family members.

Tips for Parents - Keep your Children Away from Obesity & Maintain HealthWe are providing many resources to prevent Obesity & Overweight.

What Can One Do As a Parent or Guardian to Help Prevent Childhood Overweight and Obesity?

We should remember that the goal for a Children who are overweight and want to reduce

the rate of weight gain while allowing normal growth and development.

Children should NOT be placed on a weight reduction diet without the consultation of a health care provider.
Here’s what one can also do to lose weight as well as to avoid becoming overweight or obese:
  • Eat more fruit, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains.
  • Exercise, even moderately, for at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Cut down your consumption of fatty and sugary foods.
  • Use vegetable-based oils rather than animal-based fats.

If someone if physically fit and healthy only than he can enjoy this beautiful life provided to him by god. People might have experienced that whenever they feel ill their day become exhausted and uneasy.

Our Aim to share this Vital information with you is to make you Healthy by Curing all the Diseases and Causes mend by improper working of LIVER.


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