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Tongue diseases and Disorders explained with pictures

It can be very uncomfortable when you experience tongue problems.

For clues about problems in your mouth, stick out your tongue and look in the mirror.

A healthy tongue should be pink and covered with small nodules (papillae).

Any deviation from your tongue’s normal appearance, or any pain, may be cause for concern.


Most conditions are not serious, though some tongue problems can be a sign of oral cancer or other more serious problems.

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Leukoplakia, thrush, and lichen planus are characterized by white patches on the tongue. A red tongue can be a sign of geographic tongue, scarlet fever, Kawasaki syndrome, or a vitamin deficiency.


Watch the video below to find Dr R K Aggarwal’s comprehensive video about how tongue problems are caused, what they look like, symptoms of various tongue problems, and much more.



Tongue movement problems are most often caused by nerve damage.

Rarely, problems moving the tongue may also be caused by a disorder where the band of tissue that attaches the tongue to the floor of the mouth is too short. This is called ankyloglossia.

Tests never show the reason behind the diseases it only shows the disease like increase in uric acid, increase in hemoglobin likewise. We should try to know the reasons behind the diseases not why these increased or decreased.


The types of tongue and the problems related to them will be shown in the video briefly.

  • Tongue (Human Sense Organ)
  • Normal Tongue
  • White patched Tongue
  • Rough Tongue
  • Flabby Tongue
  • Furrowed Tongue
  • Cut Chapped Tongue
  • Swollen Darkened Tongue
  • Centrally Cut Tongue
  • Dark Black Spotted Tongue
  • White Coated Chapped Tongue
  • Lime White Paste Tongue



Dr. R K Aggarwal is trying to opportune people by self examine themselves through Hatya Yoga (Ancient physical and mental strength building exercise).

Our aim is to let people self examine problems within their body and opportune them to cure themselves.


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