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Tongue symptoms liver disease treatment know all about it

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Dr. R K Aggarwal says about various symptoms in tongue and how it reflects various diseases in our intestine. As it is said tongue is mirror of intestine; if we see our tongue in mirror it shows about various diseases if we have knowledge.

With the help of various pictures it will be shown how the color of our tongue should be and any changes reflect diseases; we will also talk about that.


Anyhow if tests and doctors knowledge fails but tongue reflects us about diseases it liver lies.


Various types of tongues:

• White patched Tongue
• Rough Tongue
• Flabby Tongue
• Furrowed Tongue
• Cut-Chapped Tongue
• Swollen Darken Tongue
• Centrally Cut
• Dark Black Spotted Tongue
• Lime White Paste Tongue
• Ulcerated Tongue
• Rugged Tongue
• Flabby Varnished Tongue
• White Lined Cut Tongue
• White Coated Chapped Tongue
• Red Pappilae Tongue
• Daunted Tongue
• Dark Blacked Tongue
• Weird White Grey Tongue
• Eruptive Tongue
• Fissured Tongue


All these tongues show that their intestine is same as them from inside and all these also reflect diseases in stomach also.

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