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Winter survival tips

Winter survival tips to cope with the cold weather!

When your body’s regulatory systems are working well your body can maintain an ideal core body temperature, even when the outside temperature plummets. We will share many winter survival tips, those will help you in maintaining your health in winter also.

However if you are feeling the cold all the time, especially during winter it could mean your body’s thermoregulatory systems are out of balance and your body is finding it much harder to keep warm.

Doctor R K Aggarwal says that one should keep some health check to stay healthy during winters,

Below are the amazing winter survival tips

1. Get your TSH checked
2. Exercise daily
3. Eat less sugar
4. Get some sunlight everyday
5. Reduce your stress
6. Focus on eating well

The thyroid gland has also been called a thermostat for our body,

as it helps to regulate heat.

People with hypothyroidism are prone to having low body temperatures and cold intolerance.

It’s one of those symptoms that we often brush off,

don’t notice and don’t take seriously but can be very distressful when we do not take the proper precautions. 


Hope these tips help you in staying healthy during winters!

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