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Zika Virus treatment, symptoms and effects - Special Zika virus prevention | SSOHM

Zika Virus treatment, symptoms and effects – Special Zika virus prevention | SSOHM

Today we are going to tell you all about Zika virus (ZIKV) and Ebola Viruses in this article, firstly we will learn about Zika Virus which is mosquito-brone flavi-virus which was first identified after monitoring yellow fever in a monkey.

Zika Virus is mainly related to Dengue fever virus West Nile virus. Zika belongs to the virus family falviviridae and fenus flavivirus. Its named after Uganda’s Zika Forest. The dis-ease caused because of Zika virus is called as Zika fever.

Later same symptoms were found in humans as well. Zika virus disease has been recorded to be found in Americans and Asians. Its mainly found in Asians and Africans accompanied by mild illness.

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Lets learn about Sings and Symptoms of Zika Virus Disease

The time period for disease is not clear, but we can know the signs and symptoms of it. Zika Virus’s main symptoms are similar to other infections conditions as viral fever, swine flu, headache, body pain, back pain, skin problems or dengue etc.

– Fever
– Skin Rashes
– Joint-Pain
– Red Eyes
– Headache

Symptoms are mild and usually last for 2-8 days.

How Zika Virus Prevention’s from Zika Virus, Now we should also learn about some precautions and prevention methods from Zika virus disease. Also we should know how Zika transmit into our body.

Firstly we should note that there is no vaccine exists to prevent Zika Virus diseases.
One should avoid mosquito bites, Zika Virus mosquitoes bite in day and night also. Same mosquitoes also spread dengue and chikungunia.

Zika viruses can be passed through sex, thus infection person can pass zika virus to their partners during sex. Condoms can reduce the changes of passing Zika virus during sex.

It can be passed from a already infected pregnant woman to her fetus and it could cause some severe fetal brain defects. The infection can happen during pregnancy or around the time of the birth.

Blood transfusion is also a big cause of Zika viruses diseases, before blood transfusion is done one should be tested for Zika Virus. Around 2.8% Blood donors in a study were found positive for Zika Viruses.

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The suggestions for people travelling where, Zika viruses are found.

– Travelers should use enhanced precautions and should be more careful as there are more possibilities of getting bitten by mosquitoes.

– People should avoid travelling to places infected by Zika Virus, or where Zika Viruses live.

– Specially pregnant ladies should not travel to such places, as the infected mother can spread the virus to their fetuses. Thereafter newborn baby is more likely to have microcephaly.

The places where Zika Virus live, people are more likely to have birth defects and neurological problems. so one should avoid travelling or take precautions before visiting.
When should we get treated and tested.

Zika Viruses remain in blood of an infected person for about a week or more,

if you have any of the above mentioned symptoms in this article visit our Clinic and we will help you get rid of Zika Virus effects.

Treatment should be done at earliest if you have any of these symptoms specially if you are pregnant.

Zika Virus treatment, symptoms and effects - Special Zika virus prevention | SSOHM

Some tests as blood, urine, saliva or semen can also help to find out Zika Virus, as it is very much similar to dengue or chikungunya.


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