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Heart Attack

Sridevi Died From Sudden Cardiac Arrest at 54, Know What is is & Why Does it Happen?

Sridevi Died From Sudden Cardiac Arrest at 54

Sridevi was only 54. She was fit, frequently posted pictures of her workouts and was a dancer all her life. The Bollywood superstar passed away reportedly after a Sudden Cardiac Arrest on Saturday night. Later, Sanjay Kapoor, the actor’s brother-in-law, said that she had no past history of heart problems. …

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सांस लेने में तकलीफ ? कहीं आपको अस्थमा तो नहीं ? – जानिये इसके लक्षण, कारण और उपचार

हवा में घुले धूल के कण, बैक्टीरिया और बायरस से लोगों में साँस की बीमारी का प्रकोप बढ़ता जा रहा है। जैसे-जैसे प्रदूषण बढ़ रहा वैसे-वैसे बीमार लोगों भी बढ़ते जा रहे हैं। इसके चलते लोगों में साँस लेने की दिक्कत, साँस फूलने के साथ पसीना आना, कफ के साथ …

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Reema Lagoo, Bollywood’s “favorite mother” dies of cardiac arrest

Today we woke up with a heart breaking news of Veteran film and TV actor or say Bollywood’s “favorite mother” Reema Lagoo has died of a cardiac arrest, which was confirmed on 18th May early morning. It was quoted from a family source, and reports that the actor died early Thursday morning at …

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