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Reema Lagoo, Bollywood’s “favorite mother” dies of cardiac arrest

Today we woke up with a broken-heart-animation-ssohm-health-tipsheart breaking news of Veteran film and TV actor or say Bollywood’s “favorite mother” Reema Lagoo has died of a cardiac arrest, which was confirmed on 18th May early morning.

It was quoted from a family source, and reports that the actor died early Thursday morning at the Age of 59.

The actor had been admitted to the Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai shortly after midnight. She had complained of chest pain.

Lagoo’s son-in-law Vinay Waikul said, “She was complaining of chest pain so we took her to hospital around 1 AM. She passed away due to a heart attack around 3.15 AM.

She was perfectly fine and had no health issues…so it is really shocking for all of us that she is no more with us.”

We should know about what is cardiac arrest and how can it affect us.

Cardiac arrest stops blood from flowing to vital organs which can lead to depriving them of oxygen, and, if left untreated, results in death. Sudden cardiac arrest is the unexpected cessation of circulation within a short period of symptom onset (sometimes without warning).

In infants and children, cardiac causes of sudden cardiac arrest are less common than in adults. The predominant cause of sudden cardiac arrest in infants and children is respiratory failure due to various respiratory disorders (eg, airway obstruction, smoke inhalation, drowning, infection, SIDS). Other causes of sudden cardiac arrest include trauma and poisoning.


Symptoms and Signs of Cardiac Arrest

In critically or terminally ill patients, cardiac arrest is often preceded by a period of clinical deterioration with rapid, shallow breathing, arterial hypotension, and a progressive decrease in mental alertness.

Diagnosis of Cardiac Arrest

  • Clinical evaluation
  • Cardiac monitor and ECG

Can you recover from a cardiac arrest?

It is possible to survive and recover from a cardiac arrest, if you get the right treatment quickly.


is there any difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest? Lets discuss


A heart attack can also lead to a cardiac arrest, but they are not the same thing.

Heart Attack is a sudden interruption to the blood supply to part of the heart muscle and is likely to cause chest pain and permanent damage to the heart. The heart is still sending blood around the body and the person remains conscious and is still breathing.

Cardiac arrest occurs when the heart suddenly stops pumping blood around the body and there someone who is having a cardiac arrest will suddenly lose consciousness and will stop breathing or stop breathing normally. Unless immediately treated by this always leads to death within minutes, so one needs to take extra care of the patients with Heart Problems.

A person having a heart attack is at a higher risk of experiencing a cardiac arrest.

Both a heart attack and a cardiac arrest are life-threatening emergency conditions and which requires emergency medical help.


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