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Signs your Liver is Full of Toxins & Ways to stop It

Liver is the Powerhouse of our body and we all know that, so if you want to cleanse, lose body fat, boost energy and help reverse disease, then adding natural detox drinks to your diet can follow this guide by Dr R K Aggarwal from SSOHM Clinic ( Pitampura, Delhi ).

Liver is just like your body’s post office, shuttling everything where it needs to be, on-demand.

When the post office is functioning at half-speed or clogged with other business, your body won’t be getting the messages it needs to function well.

That’s why – in addition to taking the necessary steps to care for your body by eating whole, clean foods for energy – we are putting out some of the symptoms and signs which show that your Liver is not working properly.

Signs your Liver is Full of Toxins –

Fatigue – The liver is the body’s storehouse of energy, maintaining a healthy balance of glycogen to cater for energy demand in case blood sugar levels start dipping.

This is done primarily by converting glycogen to glucose.

Once these stores are depleted, then the body falls back to using fat and protein stores, converting them into glucose through a process called gluconeogenesis.

When the liver isn’t able to perform those energy-giving jobs, your body’s energy suffers and you end up feeling easily tired; This is when you should take some action.

Yellow skin –

The liver is responsible for breaking down hemoglobin. Red blood cells which have outlived their utility are filtered out by the liver and broken down.

The “globin” part of the hemoglobin molecule reprocesses and then body consumes, but the “heme” part can’t be recycled, so it’s converted to bilirubin pigment for excretion.

However, when there’s a problem with liver function – such as chronic active hepatitis or cirrhosis – bilirubin can accumulate in the body, this is when skin turns Yellow.

This is also very common in babies, in a condition known as neonatal jaundice.

Babies with mild cases recover without any specific treatment, but those with higher serum bilirubin levels require medical intervention.

This yellow discoloration not only affects the skin alone, but also can affect the eyes and mouth.

Weakness – A similar issue to the one causing fatigue as it involves the energy-creating function of the liver, weakness might also be a sign something is awry.

When it comes to weakness, however, it could be a result of a depletion of protein and fat stores.

A poorly functioning liver can play havoc with fat metabolism by not generating the quantity and quality of bile required to optimally emulsify fats in the diet.

As a result, there is an associated poor absorption of proteins, fats and important macronutrients causing malabsorption syndrome, which ultimately leads to weight loss and weakness.

Easy Bruising and Bleeding –

As mentioned earlier, the liver has a very important function in producing numerous blood clotting factors. It also provides  the first line of defense for the body against minor bruises and injuries.

With chronic liver disease and certain hereditary conditions, even minor blunt injuries may cause large bruises.

Then even small cuts may keep bleeding despite application of adequate pressure. Watch this ultimate guide from Dr R K Aggarwal, which can help you in precautions –


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