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Reasons You May Be at Risk of Liver Diseases | Dr R K Aggarwal

Risk of Liver Diseases

Health is the main priority of a happy life. Today we also are going to discuss about the reasons which reveal that you may be at risk of liver diseases.  Dr Rajesh Kumar Aggarwal say’s From diabetes, thyroid to asthma, people have been spreading the rumor that there is no …

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Bad Bowel Movements a Disease? Health Tips that can help you avoid Bowel Movement Frequency

Bad Bowel Movements 26-01

The appearance and bowel movement frequency of your stool gives you clues about what are bad bowel movements and about bowel movement problems that could be occurring.   We can be our own bowel problems symptom checker. The size, shape, and color of your bowel movements can tell you a …

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IBS Diet Plan for Constipation & IBS Treatment by Dr R K Aggarwal

IBS Diet Plan for Constipation & Treatment by Dr R K Aggarwal | SSOHM

It’s very common in modern lifestyle to have Stomach related issues, but if we ignore the same it may become a thing to worry about and you will be required to have treatment for the same. So following proper IBS Diet Plan for constipation will surely help you in getting rid …

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🚽 Stomach Pain, Ulcers, Bloating, Gas guaranteed solution

Welcome, Viewers. 🚽 Stomach Pain, Ulcers, Bloating, Gas Guaranteed Solution Watch the video and read article that will help you understand this. Today we will be discussing a health problem which ails all age groups, from the young generation to the old ones. Everyone suffers from this problem in varying degrees. …

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